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BIRTH STONE ,Gem Kingdom Series Book One by Kate Kelley

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25591656_1990526301235642_7544832059437492111_n.jpgTerrin sits on a throne he doesn’t want, having been forced to inherit a Kingdom when his brother banished their sister and killed their mother ten years prior.
In the past decade, Terrin has been using every mage left on earth to look for his sister, stuck inside an otherworldly realm. At every turn, they’ve come up short, exhausted and nothing to show for it. That is, until his best mage, Alec, disappears over a cliff and Terrin receives a divine prophecy about a key to unlock the realm…a key in the form of a beautiful and intriguing woman named Lyra.
Terrin must summon the patience it takes to train and work with Lyra, a fledgling mage with considerable power but little control–over her magic or her temper.
What he doesn’t expect is his maddening physical reaction to her, and the control it takes on his part to keep his feelings to himself, buried under his responsibility to his throne and consequently to his people.
Will Terrin be able to help Lyra unlock the realm for the good of his Kingdom and the world?
And will the unlocking of the realm open another cascade of evils far more sinister than they already battle?

Please note that some of these stories contain adult content.


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Vermilion Tears | Tia Lee

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25289682_546621545671862_980932269081552559_n.jpgVermilion Tears is a gothic paranormal novel set in Victorian times. Lydia comes from humble beginnings living with her family in New Haven. Her life gets turned upside down when she is on a train to New York City to start her new life. Lydia is attacked by supernatural creatures she didn’t even realize existed. Now a supernatural being herself, she finds herself fleeing from a brutal captor and trying to keep her family intact. Will she be caught or will she succeed in escaping and restoring her family?