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The Ties That Bind by Heather O’Brien is #LIVE!!


Publisher: @Thewordverve Inc
Cover Designer: Scott Perry with Artist for Hire
Editor: Megan Harris







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Grab your backstage pass for an exclusive glimpse behind fame and fortune into the heart of rock ‘n roll. Explore the complex lives and loves of three musical families connected by secrets one man will kill to protect.

Farin O’Conner is making her dreams–well, her father’s dreams–come true. Driven by his memory as much as the nightmares over his mysterious death fifteen years ago, Farin is desperate to overcome her tragic childhood with a new contract, a new relationship, and a new life. Despite friends and family warning her of the pitfalls ahead, she soldiers on, determined to succeed at all costs. But will her past make demands her future can’t meet?

Jordan Grant is pop music’s biggest sensation and teen heartthrob. He has the looks, the talent, and the desire for a conventional life in an unconventional profession. With a young son whose existence is omitted from his public bio, a failed relationship with Hollywood’s hottest starlet, and the pressure of his oldest brother to leave LA for good, he has difficult decisions to make. When he meets Farin, he believes he can have it all. And he does…but not for long.

Jameson Lockhardt, mega-mogul and career maker, has created an empire other record labels envy. An empire built on a foundation of blood, and fortified by manipulation and greed. A distant father and merciless businessman, those around him are shocked when he takes an instant–if unnatural–interest in Farin’s career. Under his care, Farin gets everything she ever wanted…and much more than she bargained for.

Music is murder. Long live rock ‘n roll.



“They’re still stalling the contract,” Ginny complained with typical arrogance. “Those tight fisted so-and-so’s don’t want to give me my due. They think I don’t know I’m the only thing holding that show together. Without me, it’d get canceled so fast it’d leave a sucking vortex the size of Texas in the lineup.”

Jordan could not decide whether to tell her the news before or after they ate. He doubted he could endure her presence through their meal. The picture of Matt Kincaid cupping Ginny’s posterior and planting a passionate kiss on her lips looped in his mind like a broken film reel.

“So then the writers said, ‘Oh, Ginny, we knew you could pull that scene off.’ Like there was ever a question, you know?”

Her incessant chatter grated on him like a burlap shirt. With her every move, he picked out subtle imperfections. Imperfections he felt astonished not to have noticed before tonight.

“So then Bob tells me I should do the shower scene naked—as in, like, really naked. He’s such a jerk. It’s prime-time. The most the audience would see is my bare back. Does he think I joined SAG yesterday?”

The wrinkles around her eyes stood out more than anything. Of course, she did have seven years on him. He certainly hoped he would look better than this at thirty-five. Years of stage makeup had taken its toll. Ironically, and almost humorously, the stage makeup was probably one of the only things saving her career.

“I’m not going to go nude just so Bob can get his rocks off peeking at my privates. Pervert!” She paused and took a breath, then gauged the look of disinterest in Jordan’s eyes. “I wish the waiter would get back here with the appetizers. I’m starving. Aren’t you?” She touched his forearm.

He shivered involuntarily.

“Poor baby. I bet you haven’t eaten all day.”

“I had some chicken soup left over from earlier in the week.”

“You need to get a real meal under your belt. I have a feeling you’re gonna need your energy later.” She giggled.

“Do you?” he asked, clearly bored.

“Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. You know how Tim got shot last season? Well, the writers got a directive from the producers because it spiked the ratings. So anyway, point is, they’re talking about shooting me! I mean, they’re actually entertaining the idea of having Chrissy get shot and dragging it out over the season finale. Can you imagine shooting me?”

“I think it’s an excellent notion.”

“Me getting shot?”

“What? Oh, no, of course not. The cliffhanger idea. It worked last time.”

“Well,” she said with a little shake of her head, “I can’t imagine being laid out in bed for the rest of the season.”

“I have no problem imagining that.” He willed away a sneer.

Ginny’s eyebrows shot up then arched seductively. She set her drink down with feline care and purred, “Oh, really?”

Jordan sat back in his chair, unconsciously increasing the space between his body and the woman sitting before him. “I have to tell you something, Gin.”

She splayed her fingers out on the spotless linen tablecloth, her ring finger conspicuously exposed. “And what’s that?”


Heather O’Brien is a fiction author and no stranger to the creative arts. The great-great-granddaughter of world-renowned cellist Bruno Steindel of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, she can trace back her creative roots to five generations of notable musicians, artists, and toy makers. Her family tree contains the branches of many disciplines of the finer arts.

A seeker of what motivates the heart, Heather has a knack for creating complex characters who explore the sometimes painful dynamics of life and love, choice and consequence, regret and reconciliation. Though her stories often take place in the entertainment industry, she infuses intense humanity into an industry perceived as lacking the very things that connect us. She describes her writing style primarily as that of a “panster” versus a “plotter,” but concedes the intricacies of the saga have forced her to become a hybrid for the remainder of its telling. Each of her books is heavily researched in order to create the most realistic telling possible.

Heather is a member of several professional organizations, including the National Association of Professional Women and the Alliance of Independent Authors. When hanging out with friends, she loves to talk story, writing, music, and movies. She is a wife, a mother of two, and a grandmother of three. To learn more, visit


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