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I drink.
I party.
I’ll let you guess what else I do the best and they never get any seconds with me. One and done.
The choices I make guarantee I’m never the one left behind.
I say and do what I want with no regrets; now I’m ordered to attend anger management to keep my job.
The problem? My failure of a one night stand is now running the group, but I’ve spent my time running and avoiding him at any cost.

My job, my house, my car…my life is exactly how I want it to be except in the relationship department. Jamie has a ridiculous one and done rule. I know one taste will never be enough. If she thinks this is over, she has never been more wrong.

I’m determined to prove to her that rules were made to be broken and that we are worth breaking them.

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Gavin comes out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and droplets of water coming down his tanned back. I could effortlessly masturbate to the sight of him but, once again, not enough time in the schedule. I start to get pissed and, before I know it, I’m slamming the coffee cups on the counter.

 “Jamie, what’s going on?”

“Nothing really, I’m just upset we don’t have time this morning.”

“Why do we need more time? You look ready for work.”

“I wanted to make an excellent breakfast today.”

Gavin walks into the kitchen, his towel still around his waist. “I think there is more to it.” He walks up to me, leaving no distance between us. The towel is barely hanging on, and I’m thoroughly distracted. “Jamie, is there something more?” He pushes his body up to me, and I can feel his dick through his towel. He drops his towel and places both hands on my breasts, massaging them.

“Fuck.” I step away from him.

Gavin chuckles. “Now, I just gave you a reason to come back.” He picks up his towel and walks to his bedroom to get ready for the day.  I think Gavin Rodgers just one-upped me.

I manage to eat my bagel, and I place my bag in front of the door. I’m a little bit disappointed, to tell you the truth. Feeling this way puts things in perspective. Gavin makes me want more, and I know from experience that I will end up being hurt.

Gavin stands for everything that I’m not. He is the white picket fence, and I’m the dilapidated house in the hood. The clarity of the moment is precisely what I needed, but not necessarily what I wanted. I tidy up the kitchen, making sure I leave no mess for Gavin or his housekeeper to clean up.

“Ready to head out,” he says. “We can stop at Starbucks to get some coffee to take to work?”

I look down at my phone, double checking the time. I’m ready to get out of here. “Sure, I think we have enough time. Just promise me we won’t be late for work.”

“I promise to have you at work on time, and no funny business, ma’am.” I could easily get distracted by this man this morning. He is wearing black dress pants, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up on his forearms, and a fancy pair of Italian dress shoes. I love how a guy’s hair takes no effort. Gavin’s hair looks like he just put his hands through it.  Yet, it’s perfection.  He picks up my bag and heads out to his car.


Syd Ryan works as a qualified mental health specialist with troubled youth in a teen residential facility. Concussions, aches, pains don’t stop her. Syd works sixteen- hour shifts and her best writing happens after the hours of midnight. Syd is married, and a mother of three boys. Syd holds two college degrees in Nursing and Exercise Science. Stronger is Syd’s debut contemporary romance novel.

She read over 300 romance books in her Goodreads challenge last year and a desire to write a novel couldn’t leave her head. Syd developed her love of romance novels watching her mom reading romance. She rekindled her love of books after reading Fifty Shades of Grey. She enjoys her free time surfing social media, reading books, and being a crazy baseball mom.



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