Romance Relaxation Giveaway!



Subscribe to some of the best romance authors in the indie and small press community for a chance to win one paperback copy of Rising by Jessica Ruben, one paperback copy of Midnight Crossing by Charlaine Harris, one aromatherapy candle, four bath bombs, and 20 romance ebooks from the participating authors! That’s 22 new books total plus some awesome goodies to help you relax while you read them!

By entering your email address in this giveaway, you are giving your consent to receive the e-mail communications from the following authors:

Sonya Jesus   Harper L. Jameson   K.B. Ladnier
S.C. Wallace   Rachel de la Fuente   Rebekah Dodson
Dee Stone   T. A. Moorman   Katherine King
Miranda Lynn   Christa Bedwin   Elaine May
M.C. Webb   Lina Greyce   Rita Delude
Allyson R. Abbott   Amanda Kimberley   Tracy Millosovich
Misty Rice   D.H. Gibbs

You may unsubscribe at any time after the contest is over, but we hope you’ll stay and see what amazing books these indies have to offer!

List of ebook prizes:

Knights After My Heart by Sonya Jesus
The Spirit by Harper L. Jameson
Jinxed: Toxic Bitchcraft Book One by K.B. Ladnier
Chasing Time by S.C. Wallace
The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente
Postcards from Paris by Rebekah Dodson
Candlelight and Champagne by Dee Stone
Wait, You Did What? by T. A. Moorman
Untangled by Katherine King
Mack by Miranda Lynn
Caterina’s Renaissance by Christa Bedwin
Cruel Games by Elaine May
Breaking the Girl by M.C. Webb
Her Favorite Mistake by Lina Greyce by Rita Delude
Goodbye, Hello by Allyson R. Abbott
Forever Bound by Amanda Kimberley
Crystal Dreams Book One by Tracy Millosovich
Sexy Again Book One in the Desiree & Rio Series by Misty Rice
A Touch of Kindness by D.H. Gibbs

11 thoughts on “Romance Relaxation Giveaway!

  1. Eva Boerjan says:

    Can people from The Netherlands take part too?
    So yes, a lot of thanks for this opportunity🙃🤗✌😎😂
    So no, still thanks for the opportunity✌✌

    Liked by 1 person

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