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Technically Married by N. Franko

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Their love always sizzled but after a misunderstanding, it suddenly fizzled. What drove them apart might just be what brings them back together again.

Max is a good guy. He’s rich, handsome, smart and normal. Things are getting pretty serious between us but there’s a problem—technically, I’m already married to a starving artist rock star wannabe.

When my former best friend invited me to her celebrity bridal shower, I went mainly out of curiosity. When she asked me to be her maid of honor though, I wanted to run for the hills. If I didn’t need my estranged husband to sign those divorce papers, I actually would have.

Instead of giving me a divorce, he gave me something else. The truth about the ending of our marriage.

Suddenly, my life with Max doesn’t seem so appealing. The rock star I had run from for all those years is suddenly the man who’s awakened something in me—something I thought had died a long time ago. And damnit, it feels frickin’ amazing!

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“Hi, it’s me, Jay Marrow. You might remember that little dance I did earlier while trying to fish out the rings from my jacket. Well, I’m happy to say that my dancing days are behind me.” Everyone laughed at this. He was a natural on stage. Always had been. “It’s my first time being a best man and I have to be honest, I didn’t realize I had to give a speech.” The crowd laughed again. “I’m serious.” Even more laughter. “I do have a song for the couple, though.”

He strummed a few chords to warm up then began plucking the strings. His voice came out in the most beautifully haunting way. He sang the sweetest, saddest love song I had ever heard about a couple finding their destiny.

A stormy sky and an angry sea

Couldn’t keep you away from me

When all is said and done

You’ll still be the one

There wasn’t a dry eye in the place—including mine—as he sang. He even got a standing ovation.

“Okay, now da matron ov honor,” Greta announced after Jay had left the stage.


I grabbed a bottle of wine as I made my way to the stage. I had no idea what I was going to say but whatever, I can wing it. How hard could it be to give a speech? Pretty hard, because when I took the microphone and looked out into the sea of people, I froze.


N. Franko is a reader of all things funny, romantic, magic, scary, dirty or nerdy-basically anything that’s words on a page.

A huge fan of authors like Chuck Palahniuk and Sophie Kinsella, she spent much of her days daydreaming of being an author while failing hard as a reporter and production artist for a small town newspaper before taking the plunge and writing her first book, Technically Scripted.

When she’s not writing, she’s playing drums in a noisy synth-pop band with her rock star husband, annoyingly taking pictures of everything, drinking coffee or watching an obscene amount of television.

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