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BROKEN DESTINY by Samantha Lee

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Priscilla is caught by her enemy, abandoned by her family, and betrayed by her dragon lover. But she refuses to stay down. Driven by her need for revenge against all who’d forsaken her, Priscilla struggles to escape her captors.
But will her heart betray her?

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Abruptly she turned around, “Let’s go, we still have to go a few miles in front of us.” Her voice was terse, not the love struck fool she was only moments before. She took two heavy steps, punishing the ground with her frustration, she felt Drake pull on her elbow. He groaned, and pushed her against a tree, before she could figure out what was happening, he kissed her. He dominated her, his hand wrapped around the nape of her neck, he held her steady and pulled her close. He slanted his mouth over hers, his lips moved possessively over hers. It was a hot, wet, and deliciously sensual kiss. She did melt for him, her legs became weak, and her eyes closed. That must happen to him a lot, because he wrapped his free arm around her waist, effectively holding her up pressed against his body. She could feel his hard chest, and something hard pressed against her belly. Priscilla felt his tongue caress her lips. She didn’t know what to do, should she use her tongue too? She opened to him and without hesitation, he pushed his tongue inside her mouth. He explored her mouth, their tongues tangled and rolled together. The sensation of having someone’s tongue pressed against hers, moving along hers was erotic. She moaned. Then he pulled back. It took a few moments of kissing the air, before Priscilla heard the soft chuckle in front of her. She opened her eyes, as he wiped his lips with the back of his hand, and laughed at her. “Exactly like I said. You melted for me, just like all the others do. Nothing is different about you.” Her anger boiled over, he was laughing at her? He ruined her first kiss with his careless words. Something otherworldly came over her, she could feel the moment her control snapped and she lost the hold she had over her power. “Stop!” she said quietly, and everything stopped. Every sound in the forest ceased, the purple loisips stopped croaking. The anteline’s long brown bodies no longer jumped from tree to tree above them. There was no breeze, it was all locked in place by her magic. She took a menacing step toward Drake, her head tilted in examination. She was a passenger inside her body, it moved without thought, and not even her voice belonged to her. The voice she heard was deeper and husky.

About the Author

Samantha Lee is the Author of “The Rise of The King,” a book that reached the top 100 (in a category) on Amazon, she lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is often found reading or listening to a book. She writes to entertain both herself and her readers. When she is not writing she is spending time with her twins, who keep her thoroughly entertained.

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