RELEASE BLITZ: Dare to Love by Amanda Kaitlyn

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Dare To Love cover

Title: Dare To Love
Series: Beautifully Broken #4

Author: Amanda Kaitlyn
Genre: LGBT romance


One moment.
One moment changed my life forever.
Her big green eyes looked at me and I knew I would never be the same.
But sometimes in life, the things you want are the ones that stand just out of reach.
The pain her loss in my life caused was indescribable.
Hot, piercing pain that in all of my fourteen years of living, I had never experienced.
I remembered her.
Every day.
Every bad date my friends pushed me into.
Every lonely holiday I spent without her to talk to.
Until I saw her.
And I found her all over again.
My father always told me that love snuck up on you when you were least expecting it.
That’s what happened with her.
Charlie was my girl from that moment on and I would do anything to protect her.

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Teaser 1

Sneak Peek

I shook my head gently, cupping her cheeks and brushing my fingers over her caramel colored skin in hopes of calming the shadows I knew were weighing her down.

 I didn’t want our past and our joint mistakes to keep us from the happiness I knew we gave each other. I couldn’t bear to think of my life without her, either. I just hadn’t realized that fact until she voiced them.                           

  “I trust you, Charlie.” I whispered and felt the heavy breath that left her lips and hung in the small amount of space that separated us. 

“I trust you to hold my heart and to heal its wounds. I trust that you’ll keep it safe.”

 The words spilled from my lips easily but the weight of them was nothing but. I couldn’t lie to myself and say that I wasn’t still terrified of having my heart broken by her, just like before. I was. 

But this time, I knew things would be different. I knew she would do everything in her power to protect me from that hurt that I was so afraid of and that fact meant the world to me. 

Trusting her with my heart was yet another risk I was willing to make if it meant I could be hers for more than one night.


Author bio

Amanda Kaitlyn is an author of heart stopping, sweet romance. Finding Beautiful is her debut novel. She is a hopeless romantic at heart. Books by Kristen Proby, Kelly Elliott and Stephanie Meyer have influenced her writing. One thing that inspires her is music. Country, pop, rock, Amanda enjoys it all. As a young girl, she loved fairy tales. As she grew up she realized that these stories change. Love isn’t always perfect and the fight of that love is what urges her to write the stories she does. Between the pages of her books you will find real, heartfelt romance, rugged emotion and lots of steam. Do you want to know more about Amanda Kaitlyn and her books? You can find her on social media and her author website.


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