Introducing: Jacy Sutton

Quill & Ink Book Tours are super excited to announce our first VIP Author, Jacy Sutton.

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Jacy is the debut author of Available to Chat, one of Evelyn’s top reads of 2016.

About Jacy

Writing Available to Chat was like crawling into bed between Olivia and Mike. Sometimes it was sexy and dangerous and some nights I was able to just get some really good sleep. 

Days are spent writing, walking my Brittany Spaniel, hanging with my family – my husband and three nearly grown sons, Nights, I ruminate on the next story I’ll tell and I try to reconcile the pride of writing a novel with erotic elements against my teenage sons’ desire to never have to discuss their mom’s dirty book with friends.

About Available to Chat

available-to-chatPeople tell Olivia her online beau may actually be helping her fading marriage. The saleswoman she met at an adult toy party claims satisfaction is about the heat, not the source. Olivia’s therapist suggests her romantic fantasies could stoke the embers of her twenty-plus year relationship. Even Olivia’s lust interest, Jake, says, “I tell myself I’m good for you.”

But Olivia knows the only thing getting hotter are her amorous feelings for Jake. He charms her with flirty conversation and reels her in with confessions of his own failing relationship. The more the two talk, and the more he confides, the more Olivia’s thoughts and evenings–which once belonged to her son and husband–are consumed with him.

Olivia tells herself it’s all harmless since the two of them won’t ever meet…until the night they do. That’s when Olivia is forced to confront what she wants, what she needs and what she’s willing to give up.

Tag along with Olivia in this sexy, honest, funny and touching story by Jacy Sutton.

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Evelyn’s review

As a debut novel by Jacy Sutton, I found this absolutely brilliant. It’s an entirely unique read, about a woman trapped in a passionless, sexually unsatisfying marriage, and having the temptation of an online beau who is able to reignite her.

I have to admit, I’m not one for books that deal with affairs as the theme normally makes me feel physically sick; Sutton has managed to weave a tale that is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking, emotionally capturing the reader yet avoiding this typical affair-aversion syndrome they normally ignite.

I was not expecting the ending at all, and I found Olivia to be a great, strong character – it’s absolutely wonderful to have a romance with a more introspective look at the self, rather than everything revolving around particular relationships.

Judging from this debut, I can’t wait to see what Sutton has next up her sleeve.

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