Special Offer – Review Inkpot


Authors – do you want more reviews? While we’re setting up, we’re offering FREE places for one month in our Review Inkpot. We’ll connect your work to bloggers and reviewers so you don’t have to.

Please note: this service is only available to previously released work.

Don’t miss out on this LIMITED OFFER – enquire now!

What is the Review Inkpot?

Please note: this is not a tour. There is no promo post, and this is purely to garner further reviews for your work.

We will promote your previously-released book as available for review, both through our regular mailing list, social media, and the Review Inkpot on our website.

Reviewers will request a review copy, and we will ensure that they are suitable to review (by being active on their blog and writing high quality reviews). They are allowed two months to post their review. Review links will be sent back to you on a weekly basis.

  • Limit of your choice on participants
  • Two month deadline for reviews
  • No wait – your work will be included in our Review Inkpot within two days

You will need to provide

  • Synopsis
  • Goodreads link
  • Cover
  • ARC (.mobi format)

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