Reviewers Wanted: Darling Dark by Natalie Bennett


Hi all! We have our first author as part of the Review Inkpot offer. This means there is no blitz post, but anyone who signs up will have two months to read and post their review. ARCs will be available from November 25th.
Darling Dark by Natalie Bennett
Genre: dark paranormal romance
It started with a cruel twist of fate.
Trapped in a dark world inhabited by savages and ruled by the corrupted –Duvessa finds herself bound to a tyrant. Day in and day out she bears witness to just how cold and vicious her husband-to-be truly is. His iron fist rule strikes fear in the masses.
Reyes is ruthless and volatile –he incites both fear and inexplicable passion among those in his wake. Just as her feelings for the seductively cruel Reyes begin to grow, she learns nothing is as it appears to be. With already so much to fear, could there be something darker, more sinister lying in wait? Will Reyes dark secrets tear them apart?
Author’s Note: This is a raw, dark, suspenseful story. Full of sex, lies, possessive males and strong heroines. Contains explicit content that may not be suitable for all readers.

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